Virtual assistant and Customer experience FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about virtual assistants

A virtual assistant is a self-employed individual who uses skills and knowledge to help businesses. Tasks that take up a lot of energy and time, like admin, can be delegated to a virtual assistant. In this case, the assistant works from its own location and using its own resources.

A virtual assistant has acquired knowledge and skills from previous jobs. Nevertheless, education does not stop. Learning something new is what makes a virtual assistant special, and it can be adjusted to meet your needs. Each virtual assistant must be familiar with Microsoft Office, one of the task management tools (Asana, ClickUp, or Notion), so he or she can keep track of delegated tasks, schedule video calls (Zoom, Teams, or any other application), and manage email communication (Outlook, Google).

No! A virtual assistant is a self-employed person, who has its own laptop/computer, internet, and printer or headset if needed. All you need to do is delegate tasks to them.

Upon submitting an inquiry, you will receive an offer with the price and services included. A collaboration agreement is signed along with an NDA, and it contains all necessary components: price, services, and communication mode.

Depending on whether it’s a project, a fixed monthly fee, or by the hour, the price may differ. The price for handling social media is mostly based on a monthly fee. Other services are usually charged by the hour. The hourly rate varies depending on the required knowledge, skills, and complexity of the task.

Business-related tasks will be handled by the virtual assistant. Personal tasks will be handled by the personal assistant

Of course it can. You need to clearly define the tasks you want to delegate. In addition to scheduling appointments, finding the perfect gift for family or friends, and researching the market before your vacation, a personal assistant can do many other tasks.

Certainly. Defining the tasks you want to delegate is all you need to do. Then, you sign the agreement with the personal assistant and discuss the tasks, price, and payment method.

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