How do you determine your target audience and buyer persona?

Are you just starting to promote your brand, or do you already have a few social media accounts open, but there is no activity from your audience? There are no comments on your posts even though your services or products are what the market needs? Are you sure you’ve defined your target audience and who your ideal buyer is?

We now have the terms – target audience and buyer persona – who they are and why they should be determined as soon as possible. Make sure you present your goals in the right way so they can become a reality

Target audience

What is a target audience and why do we need to determine it!

Although you have heard about the target audience before, you do not know who they are and why you should define them! Your services and products will be useful to your clients only if you define who they are for. A target audience is a group of people who will find your products and services useful in their daily life or business.

Here’s an example:

You create unique necklaces. You ask yourself: who needs them and why? Is your target audience exclusively women or do men also want it for the present? Do you prefer to sell to young people or the elderly? What materials do you use and who will be interested in this information?

Your target audience can be more easily determined by going from the fact: to who your products and services are not suitable for. In fact, you are the best person to know to whom you should offer your services and to whom they will be useful.

Buyer persona

Buyer persona

What’s the point of having a buyer persona if I have determined my target audience? The target audience is just what it sounds like – a target audience. Your posts will be more effective if you know who your target audience is, what they do, and what interests they have.

Using the previous example, let’s see what happens. Who is the best buyer for your jewelery? Ask yourself:

–      How old is she/he

–      What is the gender of the person?

–       What does she/he do – does she/he work

–       What are her/his interests?

–       What does he/she like

–       How much does she/he spend

–       What are her/his challenges?

–       What problems does she/he have?


Although this is a fictional view, it will help you create better social media posts. Posting text is easier when you know who you are speaking to. The HubSpot application can help you create buyer personas. You don’t have to create only one buyer persona, if your business targets more then one.

You’re not sure how to define your target audience and buyer persona? Feel free to contact me and we can work on these terms together. Once you have these terms defined, you’ll see the change your future content will bring you as well as the reaction it will generate.

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