20 tasks you can delegate to the Virtual assistant

Do you have a large number of tasks you do not manage to complete on time? You are not sure who to delegate them to?

Have you heard of a virtual assistant?

It is the right time to meet them and start delegating some of your tasks.

Who are Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are people who offer their knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs. To save them time and money. What does that mean?

When you burdening by the administration, forget an important meeting, an assistant hops in. They help you focus on the growth and development of your company. As this type of work does not need full-time employee, an online assistant gets paid for as many hours weekly or monthly done.

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What can a virtual assistant do for you?

Not all assistants offer the same services. They are based on their skills and knowledge. Over years they have specialized in various fields. You can find which 20 tasks we can do for you as an online assistant.

Administrative services

When you are building or increasing your business, small tasks take more of your time. You can delegate some of them to your assistant:

1. Bookkeeping documents – entry of incoming and outgoing invoices, records of working hours.

2. Offers and invoices – yes, we will make sure that each offer and invoice gets sent on time, to the right address

3. Market research – You have to order new business cards, send a gift to a client? We will save you time on research, and find you the best offers

4. Hiring new employees – writing a job advertisement, publishing it, and selecting a resume takes a lot of time in everyday work. You can be sure that the right candidates who meet your requirements will be invited for a job interview.

5. Banking services – Do you forget to pay your bills on time? You don’t have to worry any longer. We’ll make sure that all bills are settled with complete discretion in business.

6. Business correspondence – You have many meetings with new and existing clients? There are more and more emails, and you are afraid that you will miss some of them? Don’t worry, we will take over part of your business communication. We will write letters for you, check your e-mail, and answer inquiries.

7. Preparing and making presentations – You have an idea in your head on how to present the service to new clients. You do not have time to make a presentation? Tell us your ideas, and we will make a presentation for you.

8. Customer support – this important segment of the business takes a lot of time. You are not sure that you will be able to respond to everyone in the right way? We will take communicate with clients via email, chat, or phone. You can be sure that every client will be completely satisfied with the service provided.

9. Creating a questionnaire – customer feedback is very important. Do you want to know where you can improve your service or what you are very good at? The best way is to create and send a questionnaire. You will get the information you need in one place, and you will save time for creating and collecting data.

10. Educating new employees – Yes, you read that right. It takes too much time to meet the new employees with your company and the work you expect him/her to do. Our knowledge and skills will make it easier for your new employees to adjust to their new roles.

11. Customer Relationship – You don’t know how to instruct employees in the relationship you want them to have with your customers. We can provide training or write a script for all employees. Then you will be sure that all employees will treat customers the same way.

Marketing services

Today the presence in the online world is important for every business. Most people browse social networks, read blogs and articles online. Your business needs to identify the target group. Content writing focuses on your audience. In a way that will bring you the desired effect – increase business and good stories about you.

12. Writing articles and blogs – set a topic, we will research it and write for you.

13. Flyer Design – Do you have an event or promotion you want to share with your audience? No problem, we will design the flyers based on your wishes. They will include all the necessary information you want.

14. Replying to comments – the blog is live, comments are coming. Do you have time to respond to each? There is no need either. We will track the comments, respond to them and provide you a report.

15. Interviewing clients and making a case study – did you have a great project and a problem you solved in a great way? Why not make a study of the same and present it to a wider audience?

16. Social media management – not visible on social networks yet? We will open accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter on your behalf. We’ll provide all the necessary information about your company data.

17. Writing posts – you already have an account on one of the social media, but You do not know what to write there? Don’t worry, we present your services and products in the right way to reach the desired audience.

18. Engage with your audience – the audience is the most important part of social networks. We’ll not miss the chance to thank them for their comments, recommendations, or answer their questions.

19. Social media marketing – you have opened an account on the social network, but you don’t pos? Running social networks requires time and constant. We’ll handle it for you

Social media marketing

Personal services

20. With the pressure you have at work, you forget to buy a present for your best friend? No problem, we’ll make sure you never forget anniversaries or birthdays. We can do relocating research, vehicle research, or much more.

Did you find at least one thing among everything written that you would be willing to delegate?

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