How to know you need virtual assistance: 5 facts that will help you decide

The term virtual assistant has already come up on several occasions. However, no one can clarify who it is and whether you can also utilize their services. You would like to delegate part of the work, but you are not sure who to choose. Do you feel that the picture below speaks about you? Sit back, relax, take three minutes and read the text we have prepared.

virtual assistant service

Let's start from the beginning and answer questions and concerns.

# Question 1: Who is a virtual assistant?

#Answer: Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs with their daily tasks, save them time and money. How? It’s very simple.

Here’s an example from the practice: When you first started your business, you did everything by yourself.

The business has grown, and so has your focus on building it. Administrative jobs have started to take up a greater portion of your time. You do not need someone full-time. You need someone who can do your tasks only 5-10 hours a week. Great!

Here is where the virtual assistant comes into play.

Virtual assistants have been developing their skills over the years. Today, they are available to entrepreneurs who need their services.

#Question 2: Can I use the services of a virtual assistant regardless of when and where I am?

#Answer: YES!

The digital age in which we live allows us to work from anywhere, anytime. In order to engage your virtual assistant, it’s not necessary that your virtual assistant lives in the city where you do business. You do not have to be an IT expert to reach your assistant and coordinate your collaboration. Many applications now are very user-friendly.

When you delegate a task to an assistant you will be sure that it is done on time.

#Question 3: If I contracted a job with a virtual assistant, does that mean I hired him in my company?

#Answer: No!

A virtual assistant is an entrepreneur like you, which means the services it offers are chargeable at a pre-agreed price. Virtual assistants pay their own contributions and taxes. Although they perform the obligations you assigned them, they are not your employees, but service providers.

#Question 4: Which tasks can a virtual assistant do for you?

#Answer: Unlike in person, virtual assistants have the skills and knowledge to provide a variety of administrative services. 

Although some services are the same, here are the most common services they provide:

  • Administrative services (market research, email communication, arranging meetings, arranging your calendar)
  • Marketing services (social networking, blogging, newsletter writing)
  • Digital services (web design, SEO optimization)

These are just a few of the services that a virtual assistant can provide. Find out more here

#Question 5:I f I am not satisfied with a virtual assistant's services, then will they tell everyone about my business?

#Answer: No!

Take the time to get to know your virtual assistant. Sign the agreement covering business cooperation with the assistant. The data you provide is protected and is not shared. You and the virtual assistant are the only parties involved in any communications related to your business. No detail is shared with the people that has not been specified in the Agreement.

Were we able to answer all of your questions?

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