Case study – The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

In countless articles, it has been discussed how virtual assistants are beneficial for businesses, but sometimes there is a lack of clarity on how they can actually help.

Andrea Krkač is a personal coach, creative, marketer, and versatile person who requested assistance with administrative duties:

  • The transcription of handwritten materials (e.g. blogs, notes from coaching or client workshops, voice recordings)
  • Case study creation,
  • Croatian to English translations,

Editing and proofreading the newsletter, Facebook posts, web materials, brochures, etc.

Andrea's thoughts on working with a virtual assistant

 If you write about what you helped someone with, you are being ungrateful, so I am glad you can hear the other side of the story.

As Andrea describes our collaboration, here is what she says:

The reason I wanted a virtual assistant is that I work from Sveta Nedelja and I wanted the service occasionally, about 10 hours a month.

Klara immediately caught my attention and I knew we would have a lot in common due to her cheerful appearance and strong Customer Care background.

It immediately turned out to be true. Klara turned out to be more than just my assistant for the initial support I hired her for.

Because she’s an excellent LinkedIn writer, I ask her to edit my draft articles. Whenever I am looking for improvement, she always gives me concrete feedback (top!) And… Her technical knowledge makes me feel completely safe in her hands, knowing someone is handling something I don’t want to spend time on and doesn’t work for me.

Because of her way of thinking, which is very open, and the ideas she tries out and constantly learns, I’m motivated to keep moving.

Despite how short these 10 hours sound, Klara and I manage to accomplish miracles!

Even 5 hours can work wonders in cooperation – it’s just a matter of taking the first step.


Delegation is the hardest step! Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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