Time is precious and chronically short for most people. What can help you be more organized in your personal and professional lives? Task management tools, of course. Are you going to benefit from using one, and if so, which one?


ClickUp is a user-friendly task management tool I use when working with clients. In it, projects can be clearly defined. In the case of recurring projects – monthly/annually, for instance, you can set a reminder that will inform you the day before and the day of the task. There are also subcategories, i.e. tasks, which can be shared with other people or assigned to them. It’s easy to keep track of all your projects and private obligations in one place, which you don’t have to share with anyone. The project or task you are working on or the task you are associated with can be accessed by anyone you choose.

Notion - A task management tool that changes your life.

At first glance, Notion looks like a very complicated tool to use, but don’t give up right away. Give it a chance to amaze you with what he can do. Idea combines everything you need to manage your business and private life in one place. Yes, you might miss some colors, but you can make it colorful enough without them!

Using Notion, you can:

  • manage and organize your projects (with or without dates, reminders, a status that lets you track the progress of the project, and adding people to a particular task).
  • keep track of your obligations in the calendar or through some other form – for example, a table view if it’s easier for you
  • have all the recipes in one place
  • organize a client database or any other database you wish to maintain
  • manage your finances!

Although there are many options, the most important thing is to begin setting up the base itself based on your needs. It is for this reason that I recommend a workshop for beginners.

Many tools can help you organize your business or personal obligations besides ClickUp and Notion. My suggestion is that you find the one that will provide you with the most solitude and meet your needs. Todoist, Zoho Projects, Airtable, Asana, Trello, and Monday are some of them.

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