Choose the best social media to present your brand

Social networks have become by far the most effective way of promoting your business today. And the most affordable, if you know how to do it right.

Are you looking to promote your new brand, or are you interested in promoting the one that you already have? Determine what social network should you promote and which is the most appropriate for your business.

Popular social networks - a powerful tool for business

During the launch of the first social network in 1997, no one could have imagined what a powerful advertising tool they would become today. When was the last time you received a letter or flyer from a brand? Many businesses today use social media to market their products and services. By doing so, they are keeping up with the changing ways of interacting with consumers. The question is how do you decide which one will be best for your company? Let’s see which social networks are used by your target audience so you can choose the right one.


Facebook social network

Today’s most popular social network. Over 2.89 billion people use it worldwide.

  • Age: 18-65
  • Content: all types of content ( video, posts, pictures)
  • Tone of voice: friendly, relaxed, natural


Even though many people use YouTube only to watch videos, this social network is growing in popularity. In fact, it currently has more than 2.29 billion users.

  • Age: 15-45
  • Content: video
  • Tone of voice: energetic, playful
Youtube social network


Instagram social network

There are 1.38 billion Instagram users. This technology is mainly used by millennials and “modern” companies on their mobile phones.

  • Age: 18-45 years old.
  • Content: photos and video
  • Tone of voice: inspiring, relaxed, friendly

Tik Tok

With one billion users, it is the fastest growing social network. In addition to providing interesting content, it is simple to use, so younger users are attracted to it.

  • Age: 13-35
  • Contect: video
  • Tone of voice: energetic, fun
Tik Tok social network


LinkedIn social network

B2B social networking platform for businesses, through which three people are hired every minute. There are 740 million users. If you want your brand to be strengthened, LinkedIn is the perfect place to be.

  • Age: 25-54
  • Content: all types of content
  • Tone of voice: professional, kind, natural


This social network has 478 users. Women make up 70% of its users. 85% of users access Pinterest from their mobile devices.

  • Age: 18-49
  • Content: photos
  • Tone of voice: inspiring, relaxed, friendly
Pinterest social network


Twitter social network

The total of 478 users are active on this network.h 206 million users in the world. This is the biggest social network in Japan. Promote your business abroad with this network. The most popular use of the network is to share news and promote yourself.

  • Age: 25-34
  • Content: at firts only text, now video format
  • Tone of voice: fun, clever


People use them every day to communicate, and they do not consider them social networks. Many businesses are now using WhatsApp and Viber to market their products. Viber has more than 820 million users, while WhatsApp has over 2 billion. If you want to reach your audience quickly, you should consider advertising on one of these networks.

Whatsapp and Viber social networks

What's the best social network for you?

However, you don’t know if to promote on just one or more social networks after reading which are the most popular. Your brand’s voice can vary by social platform. Identifying your target audience lets you know which social networks they use most. Even if you feel you should be visible on every social network, consider how much time that will take. Are you able to spend time every day/week creating content for all social networks?

I can help you choose social networks, create content, or manage social networks. Let’s make your brand noticeable and recognizable on social media.

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