Time management – how to organize your time more effectively

Today, we all experience a lack of time. Even when you plan ahead, there is always a chance that something more important comes up. Setting priorities and distinguishing what is important from what is more important is tricky. Here are a few tools and apps you can use to organize your personal and business time.

Preparation is key

Our lifestyle today doesn’t allow us to relax much. With a good time management plan, you will have enough time for all your work and activities. Including the ones you always wanted but were too busy for.

Urgent/important matrix

urgent and important tasks

It is likely that you have heard about this matrix. But have you tried using it? During the weekend, make a list of everything you need to get done in the week ahead. Place them in the matrix. Put first what is urgent and important to do, which cannot be postponed. Then, write all the things that are important, but not urgent to do – plan them. Next, list all the tasks that are not important, but must be done quickly – delegate them. Lastly, eliminate the tasks that are neither urgent nor important.


This free application helps you measure time. Create a project and assign tasks to it. Calculate the time it will take to complete the project. When you see how much time is left in your day, you’ll be surprised. Every time you grab a bite or get more water does not count, which means stop the timer then. Taking time to measure your productivity can help you determine how much time you spend at work or on activities and how much time you spend reading the news online.


Trello is a task management application that lets you enter tasks and set a deadline to complete them. The tasks can be attached and your colleagues can be invited to join the team. Moreover, your clients can track the time you spend on their tasks and add notes. Although the free version has its limits, it will suffice if you don’t have any complex tasks.

Explore Asana and Notion’s possibilities. It is likely you will find the application that suits your needs.

Organize your time

Make time to organize

Time management will ensure you do the quality of your work. Do one task at a time. Having too many open windows on your laptop can be distracting.

You should set aside time each day for answering emails, updating social media accounts, and responding to text messages received on your phone.

Schedule the time for brakes. Take a five- to ten-minute break every two hours.

Use the time you spend waiting somewhere to listen to the podcast you’ve planned for a while or to make notes for your blog.

Can you accomplish all your daily responsibilities in the time you have? Can you organize your time and handle tasks on your own? I’m here to help you throughout the day so that you can take more breaks.

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