Virtual assistance conference

First things are remembered. The first presentation at university, the first job, the first love. Whether good or bad, whatever feelings we have are remembered. The first Virtual Assistant conference will be remembered for the following:

Great atmosphere

– Support

– Laughter

– Lectures

– Guests

– Food.

The idea was born in the spring, and Sanja Veletanlić modestly said it within the Go2Human hub that she runs. As part of the Go2human hub, like all my colleagues, I readily said the idea is great and that we are now putting it into practice. Everyone who deals with conference planning deserves a round of applause – it’s not an easy task. However, the day came, and everything was ready. The audience of 120 smiled eagerly anticipated the start of the event, interesting lectures, and creative ideas. Over the past two years, virtual assistants have attracted significant attention as a new profession. As a result, it is not surprising that there were so many participants at the conference. Several well-known faces from social networks have now become real people.

The lecturer's role - a new challenge!

Although I have been providing virtual assistance for a little over a year, I bravely accepted the role of lecturer. It was a pleasure for me to share 15 years of experience with others. Despite being new to the virtual assistance business, the work I do is not new to me. Today, I enjoy my work and my clients’ businesses because of my experience working in large corporations. In my presentation, I discussed the constant growth and development of one’s knowledge and skills, as well as the only constant in this world is change.

As a virtual assistant, your work is different every day – you never know what challenges lie ahead but be prepared to accept them. Keep researching and show a willingness to take advantage of new opportunities that arise. As an assistant, you are the leader who directs in what direction you will go and where your clients will follow you.

The charm of our work lies in its diversity. With every client, you learn something new, and you improve your business. The expectation is not that we are omnipotent, but that we will learn if we have the will and desire to do so. Their desire to grow with their business.

Growth through networking

Networking is one of the biggest benefits of conferences. People with similar interests in one place – an opportunity not to be missed. Get to know colleagues, potential clients, and business partners. The sharing of experiences has never brought any harm. Those who work remotely, do not meet their colleagues every day. We all miss people with whom we can exchange a few words every now and then. Don’t be afraid to interact with those around you. Take advantage of your coffee or lunch break to meet new people. In the future, you never know who will lend you a helping hand. Stay tuned for next year’s announcement when tickets go on sale if you couldn’t attend the Virtual Assistant conference this year. There is so much support, motivation, and desire for growth and development in one place.


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