How to save time and money by hiring a virtual assistant?

You have already heard about virtual assistants and the services they provide, but you don’t understand how they can save you time and money.

You might have wondered: “I know how time can be saved, but how will they save you money?”. Let’s say you want to grow your business and focus on sales, but you know there are tasks you need to complete that you can’t postpone. For a month now, you have not done tasks like preparing invoices or filling out travel warranties. You may have to spend all weekend or one working day solving these tasks, but ask yourself what you lose if you do. Will you lose the opportunity to contract the new deal with your clients? Are you losing out on hanging out with your friends or going on a day trip with your family? Are you just losing time for yourself by reading a good book? All of the above gives you the energy you need to tackle future projects. Business energy you need for growth.

Do you think you can earn more by delegating than you will lose by not delegating the stack of papers waiting for you? Delegating a task for the first time will reveal how much time you have wasted doing work you don’t like.

How to save money and time hiring virtual assistant

Which jobs should be delegated?

At first, it may be difficult to decide what to delegate and how. Over time, you will be able to delegate tasks that took you an hour or two longer than you anticipated, and that you could have invested elsewhere. As soon as you’ve created great social media posts, you’ll need to adapt them to every social network and schedule their posting. A virtual assistant can handle the same in an hour. You can hold a paid consultation during that hour or create content for a new program you’re launching.

Creating a to-do list at the beginning of the project is essential:

  • what I like to do: these are the tasks you will not delegate. Having them is not a problem for you, and you enjoy having them.
  • what I have to do: my least favorite tasks, but they cannot be delegated – for example. Paying bills, meeting clients who aren’t always dear to you
  • what I need to do: writing travel orders, e-mail communications, reviewing texts, writing blog posts, etc.

All the tasks listed in the last section can be delegated to a virtual assistant.

Savings results: how can they be measured?

Consider how much time and money you can invest in building the business by delegating some of the tasks. As with any beginning, this one will be difficult until you find a virtual assistant to assist you. Once you take that first step, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. Each individual task will be recorded by the virtual assistant, and you will be able to see how many hours were spent on each one. By tracking your time and costs, you will always know how long it took to accomplish a particular task

Put your business on an upward path. You can achieve what you want by taking small steps. The first step is all it takes.

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