How do I become a virtual assistant?

You hear the term “virtual assistant” more and more, you like the description and believe that it could be a career for you. But how does one become a virtual assistant without a formal education? Everything you have done so far, all your skills and knowledge, come together in this profession. The wind in your back may give you an article about 20 tasks a virtual assistant can do.

"Is that the right job for me?"

When I first heard of this term 2 years ago, I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do for at least 5 years, if not forever. How come? After more than ten years of working for large corporations, I realized my work would be valued more as an entrepreneur. Writing down all the jobs and tasks I can do for someone else helps them build their businesses without having to deal with administration, user experience, or preparing and writing articles and blogs. If you would be flexible to work from home or to rent office space, open a business, take care of monthly contributions and salaries yourself or pay an accountant for the same, and use your own work equipment, then you may have found a job that will provide you with total fulfillment.


Virtual assistant conference

The first virtual assistant conference is scheduled for October 21, 2022, in Zagreb. This might be a perfect opportunity to talk to virtual assistants, find out how they started and what their clients expect from them. Meeting entrepreneurs who have used virtual assistants for a long time will be valuable. It is a conference to build a strong community and share experiences and ideas. It is the ideal place to be if you are an entrepreneur considering hiring a virtual assistant. During this conference, you will have the chance to meet so many virtual assistants live in one place, and you will get answers to the questions that bother you:

– How to choose the right virtual assistant

– what is the price of their services

– What can a virtual assistant do for me

 – And how virtual assistant works.

Find out more about the conference here.

Take advantage of the Early bird price until 30 June 2022 and get your tickets now. Please mark your calendars for 21.10.2022 from 9 am and you will learn something new and have fun.

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