What is personal branding and why do you need it?

Recently, everyone is talking about “personal branding”. But what is it and how can it help someone starting their own business?

Personal branding is a conscious and intentional effort to position an individual as an industry authority, enhance their credibility, and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Put definitions aside, let’s talk about how to build your personal brand.

Bulid your personal brand

How to build personal branding and stand out on the market?

Nobody can deny that they have these doubts. As we research the market and listen to others’ advice, we all come to the same conclusion on how to stand out on the market.

Several steps should be taken before you start a business:

– Market research – to determine if your products and services are needed

–  Target the audience – read here to learn more

– Make people around you aware of what you offer – talk about it at least one month before you start your business. It is essential that they know who you are and what they can expect from you, so that in the near future, when they need your services, they will know who to contact.

– Be visible on social media – LinkedIn is where most entrepreneurs are active. It is a good idea to start building your brand on LinkedIn. If you want to promote your business and brand, you must decide which social media will work best.

You need to define:

  • What value do you have and how you want to highlight them
  • Which audience you want to attract
  • What is your goal in branding yourself?
  • What are your areas of expertise and what interests you most?
  • Who are you and what is your position in relation to the competition?
LinkedIn for personal branding

The benefits of using LinkedIn to promote your business

Only 3% of LinkedIn’s 740 billion users are active and post something once a week. Because of this, LinkedIn is an excellent place to market your business. In case you have a LinkedIn profile but are not actively using it, now is the perfect time to start posting content. Most LinkedIn users in Croatia work in digital marketing, sales, virtual assistance, or the information technology sector.

Your products or services might be suitable for this audience, so you should start creating content right away. Get to know LinkedIn’s audience who you are, what you do, and what your skills are. Create content that relates to your business. Most people connect with individuals, not companies. Those who provide content writing services will be able to connect you with someone who is looking for people in that category. Produce useful content and be recognizable. Most importantly, start building your network. Get in touch with people who share your interests or with those who are your target audience. They will be most interested in the content you share, and in the future they might  need your products or services.

Consider how much time you will need to build your personal brand, network, and content. By not starting your business right now, you will have more time to build and promote your brand. Use that time really good. If you need help with content writing or do not know how to start building your personal brand – don’t be shy, contact me.

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